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Celmaca Dúo

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Celmaca is a name of Nahuatl origin - one of the Mexican languages still spoken today - meaning to entertain, to provide pleasure. The musical project "Cantando historias" is dedicated to different characters whose stories have in one way or another shaped the songs and compositions of Celmaca Duo's first album. Glimpses of life collected here and there, like those of "El tejedor de sueños" which, with its coloured threads, tells the story of its Tzotzil people through the weaving of its huipil, of "Jacobo y Maria" who bring life back to pieces of copal by shaping and colouring them with imaginary patterns, from "El último hielero" who, accompanied by his faithful donkeys, climbs the Chimborazo glacier and brings back blocks of ice that he will sell in the village .... The different eras that have influenced Mexican and Latin American culture in general are found in incredible stories collected from humble people whom Celmaca wishes to honour through their compositions. A journey between sound and texture supported by two voices and accompanied by Latinamerican strings, percussions, etc.

Celmaca Dúo was born from the passion of Osvaldo and Patricia for the music and instruments of Latin America and the encounter with fascinating characters, inspiring the songs of the album "Cantando Historias". A journey between sound and textures, supported by two voices, various Latin American string instruments, percussion and more.

Patricia Hernandez-Van Cauwenberge

Osvaldo Hernandez Nápoles

For  many years, Patricia Hernandez-Van Cauwenberge, of Belgian origin, has devoted herself to classical and contemporary dance, studying in particular with avec Nicole Hanot, Emilio Altès, Jacques Saussin and at the Mudra School in Brussels, where she discovered, among other things, the richness of African rhythms.

During her career , Patricia met Senegalese dancer Ken N'Diaye with whom she would study West African dances.

Insatiable, Patricia discovered new cultures and travelled to Argentina and Canada to study the Malambo, the dance of the Gauchos that is performed by tapping and handling the boleadoras, the formidable hunting weapon.

In parallel, Patricia dedicated herself to the investigation, study and practice of multiple Afro-Latin American percussion instruments and Latin American songs.

She has collaborated, among others, with Cirque du Trottoir, Cirque du Soleil, guitarist Karim Baggili, singer Mélanie Gabriel, multi-instrumentalist Osvaldo Hernández for the albums Tierra, Quilombo, TriOrganico and Dúo Celmaca.

Together with Osvaldo, she created the Amalgama project which has toured with Musical Youth of Belgium and of France (Jeunesses Musicales). 

TriOrgánico has toured in Europe et in Latin America (Argentina and Mexico), in particular participating at the Sonamos Latinoamérica festival.

Patricia gives bombo and boleadoras classes and workshops in Lyon and Brussels, notably at the Muziekpublique academy.

Osvaldo Hernández Nápoles was born in Ixmiquilpan in the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.

At the age of 19, Osvaldo began traveling throughout Latin America, beginning with his native land, Mexico, in search of traditional instruments that he would soon master.

His collection reflects the dramatic history of the continent. Pre-Columbian indigenous instruments rub shoulders with those of deported Africans and different generations of European settlers.

Osvaldo toured with trio Quetzalcoatl for 3 years throughout Mexico where he met exceptional musicians of traditional cultures. From village to village, he learnt their instruments, their songs and rhythms, still inspiring him to this day.

Living for over twenty years in Belgium, Osvaldo has travelled the world, putting all his experience in countless musical projects such as; Deep Forest, Marlene Dorcena, Rosa Brandão, Aura Msimang, Abdelli, Sidiki Camara, Ialma, Vaya Con Dios, Karim Baggili, Taiga Maya, collective works such as Apikon-Dia, Blindnote and many more, in addition to personal projects.

Osvaldo is a reference for Latin American music in Belgium and for this reason he is regularly invited to participate in various radio programmes, among others "Le Monde est un Village" on Belgian National Radio "La Première".

Osvaldo has recorded his music on various albums: Tierra, Quilombo, TriOrganico and Celmaca Duo under the record label Homerecords.

He shares his passion for music giving classes and workshops on beginners as well as professional level. In particular, he teaches pandeiro and other Brazilian percussion instruments as well as Peruvian cajón at the MuziekPublique academy.

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