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Despite today’s fast paced modern life, there are still places where it seems time has stood still. The last hielero (*) is an example of a tradition and a way of life maintained for over 200 years. It is a small tribute to Don Baltasar Ushca, probably the last hielero of Chimborazo.
(*) ice cream vendor in Chimborazo in Ecuador)


El último hielero

Jacobo y María 

There are different ways of writing a people’s history. To tell his story, Alberto López Gómez chose the craft of belt weaving, a tradition that dates back to  more than 600 years, mainly performed by women. Thus, entering a traditional women’s profession, Alberto has had to deal with various social taboos that he has managed to overcome by force of tenacity.

El tejedor de sueños

The Earth and its elements predate human beings. Our meeting with Hernán Vargas has revealed to us his passion for ceramics, in particular for the sound objects made with clay from Mother Earth. Through his travels to different parts of the world, Hernán continues to learn and share his knowledge and love for this craft with nobility and humility.

El hombre de arcilla

The fantasy world thrives mainly on the imagination. Hernán Lira uses wood, a noble material, to make toys that arouse children's curiosity and remind adults of the child who lives in them.

El Juguetero

Plant seeds, bamboo straw and pieces of dried pumpkins become caxixis thanks to the expertise of the luthier and musician Mico Louruz. These musical instruments reflect the personality of our friend Mico and, according to certain ancient peoples, they were used to ward off evil spirits and attract good ones.

Caxilimba pra Mico

Dignity, respect and working the land allow the distribution of its natural wealth. Jacobo and María Ángeles know this and they are part of a culture that strengthens and enriches Mexican traditions, and they remind us that people without roots are people without an identity

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